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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
八刀 fèn 1. part; share; portion
2. ingredient; component
3. duty; responsibility
4. status; standing
5. lot; fate; destiny
6. mutual affection
7. (zh-alt-form, 份, classifier)
8. =====Usage notes=====
9. Many of the senses are now written with the specialised character份.
角刀牛 jiě 1. to loosen; to unfasten; to untie
2. to explain
3. to excrete
4. to remove; to eliminate
5. to divide; to break up; to split; to separate
6. to dissolve
7. to solve
8. to understand
9. solution (to a problem)
10. 40th hexagram of the I Ching
jiè 11. to introduce scholar to imperial palace
12. to send under escort
     押解jiè - to take away under escort
13. to mortgage
14. to exchange (money)
xiè 15. beast's name
16. local authorities
17. skill of acrobatics
18. Ancient placename.
19. (zh-alt-form, 懈, to relax)
七刀 qiē 1. to cut; to slice; to carve; to mince with a knife
2. to cut off; to disconnect
3. (mathematics) tangent
     正切qiē - tangent
     餘切qiē - cotangent
qiè 4. to be close to
5. to bite tightly; to clench
6. to correspond to; to match
7. (TCM) to feel the pulse
8. eager; ardent
9. urgent; pressing
10. all; entire
11. must; by all means
12. main point
13. (phonetics) Short for 反切 (fanqie)
衤刀 chū 1. initial; inceptive
2. original; first; primary
3. elementary; basic
4. beginning; start
5. initially; originally
前刀 jiǎn 1. scissors
2. cut, divide, separate
3. v. to cut (paper, etc.)
     剪草機 - lawnmower (lit. grass-cutting machine)
     剪刀 - scissors (lit. cutting knife)
刀口 zhào 1. imperial decree
2. summon
3. to call together, to convene, to summon
4. temple or monastery (used in placenames in Inner Mongolia)
5. imperial decree
6. summon
7. to call together, to convene, to summon
8. temple or monastery (used in placenames in Inner Mongolia)
Shào 9. (Shao)
10. name of an ancient state that existed in what is now Shaanxi province
忄刀 dāo 1. grieved
2. distressed in mind
1. (historical) title deeds; deed of trust; bond
2. ticket; pass; coupon; voucher; certificate
     入場券 - admission ticket
xuàn, quàn 3. (architecture) arch (on bridges, doors, windows)
     拱券xuàn - arch
宀頁刀 guǎ 1. widowed
2. alone; friendless
3. (lb, cmn, literary) few
口刀 dāo, tāo 1. talkative
2. quarrelous
辟刀 pī, pǐ 1. cut apart, split, chop
剪刀 剪刀 jiǎndāo 1. n. scissors
刀丿 rèn 1. blade; knife edge
2. sword; knife