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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
木几 1. weaving machine; spinning machine
jī, jǐ 2. (zh-alt-form, 几, small table; stool)
3. machine; apparatus; device
4. mechanism; process
5. cause; reason
6. secret; confidential (affair)
7. opportunity; chance; crucial point
8. plan; idea
9. flexible; quick-witted
舟几口 chuán 1. ship; boat; vessel
岂几 kǎi 1. triumphant
2. triumph, victory
吅几 zhòu 1. religious incantations or mantras
2. a curse
3. to curse, to damn
几丶 fán 1. ordinary; commonplace
2. worldly; mortal; earthly
3. outline; gist
4. (music) the fourth scale degree in the Gongche musical notation
5. every; all; any
6. altogether
任几 píng 1. lean on, depend on, rely on
亠口冖几 liàng 1. bright; brilliant; radiant
2. loud and clear
3. (dialectal Mandarin, dialectal Wu, Xiang) lamp; light
4. to shine; to illuminate
5. to make one's voice loud and clear; to raise one's voice
6. to reveal; to disclose
沿 氵几口 yán 1. follow course, go along
2. along, parallel to
3. continue or hand down
4. border
5. edge
6. river or sea coast(rfv-sense); to follow a course; continue or hand down attention, zh, needs check/formatting
几木 duǒ 1. The flower or calyx of a plant.
2. earlobe
3. Classifier for clusters such as flowers, clouds.
饣几 1. starve, be hungry
2. hungry
3. famine
4. a famine
5. n. a year in which harvest is poor; famine; crop failure
6. n. hunger, starving
7. n. alternative spelling of 飢
8. n. alternative spelling of 饑
冖几 rǒng 1. excessive
2. superfluous
禾几 1. bald, bare, stripped
亠几 kàng 1. high, proud
2. violent, excessive
3. skilled
口几 1. sigh in disapproval
2. take small
登几 dèng 1. bench, stool
     凳子zi - bench, stool
2. (dialectal) chair