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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
冫隹 zhǔn 1. rule, guideline, standard
zhǔn 2. v. to allow; to grant; to permit
3. rank next to, follow
4. (prefix) quasi-, pene-, para-, sub-, semi-, demi-
5. standard; criterion; norm
6. adj. accurate; exact
7. adj. quasi-; pene-; para-
8. adv. certainly; surely
冫欠 1. order; sequence
2. next in sequence; second
3. inferior; substandard
     上次 - last time
     次數 - number of times; frequency
冫夬 jué 1. to burst; to break; to breach
2. to decide; to determine
3. to decide the outcome; to contest
4. to judge; to pronounce the verdict
5. to execute; to put to death
6. definitely; certainly
7. for worlds
冫兄 kuàng 1. condition, situation
2. furthermore
冫令 lěng 1. cold, cool
冫中 chōng 1. rush against, charge ahead
chōng 2. pour, infuse, steep
3. n. thoroughfare; important place
4. wash away
5. v. to go straight ahead; to rush; to charge; to dash
6. abbreviation of Okinawa
7. v. to clash; to collide
8. v. to pour water on; to rinse; to flush; to wash
chòng 9. adj. powerful; vigorous
10. v. to infuse; to make drinks
11. adj. pungent; (of smell) strong
12. v. to soar; to rise; to shoot up
13. v. to face
14. v. (of water) to dash against; to collide with
15. v. to punch; to stamp
16. v. to develop (a film)
17. prep. towards; at; to
18. prep. in view of
冫水 níng 1. to coagulate; to congeal; to freeze
bīng 2. ice
3. to focus; to concentrate
4. ice-cold
5. (Teochew) cold; (of weather) chilly
6. to freeze; to ice
      - very cold, tr=ngang5 si2, MN-T
7. (slang) methamphetamine
冫争 jìng 1. pure, clean, unspoiled
弓冫弓冫 ruò 1. weak; feeble
     軟弱 - weak, feeble
2. fragile; delicate
冫咸 jiǎn 1. decrease, subtract, diminish
2. v. to subtract
冫东 dòng 1. freeze
2. cold, congeal
3. jelly
4. cold; (of weather) chilly
冫京 liáng 1. cool, cold
2. disheartened
3. adj. refreshingly cool; pleasantly cool
1. to practice; to exercise; to review
     練習 - to practice
2. to study; to learn
     學習 - to study
3. to become familiar with; to be used to
4. habit, custom
     習慣 - habit, custom
5. trusted follower
6. to fall into a bad habit
7. often; frequently
      @^近平 - Xi Jinping
儿冫丿丶 zhào 1. omen
2. (China, Japan, Korea and Singapore) trillion (million million), tera-, 10
3. (China) mega-
4. (Vietnam) million, mega-
5. omen
6. (Obsolete in Mainland China) trillion (million million), tera-, 10
7. (Taiwan) trillion, tera-, 10
8. (China) (SI prefix) million, mega-, 10
冫奏 còu 1. piece together, assemble
冫夌 líng 1. ice
2. pure
3. virtuous
4. insult
5. maltreat
冫马 féng 1. gallop
2. because of, by means of, by dint of
冫疑 níng 1. to coagulate; to congeal; to freeze
2. to focus; to concentrate
3. (Teochew) cold; (of weather) chilly
      - very cold, tr=ngang5 si2, MN-T