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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
口八 zhī       - one shoe, one pair of shoes
zhǐ 1. only; just; simply
      - a cat
      。 - I've only been there once.
      一點兒r 胡椒粉。 - There was just a hint of pepper in the soup.
亅八 xiǎo 1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №15
2. small, tiny, little
3. minor, petty
4. briefly, for a short while
5. slightly, a little
6. young
7. (the) youngest
8. a young person; child, kid, baby
9. (Prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection (for young people,老 for elder people).)
10. (humble) my, our
11. (Used only in the abbreviation of a school name.)
12. (euphemism, Cantonese) a euphemism of屌
力八 bàn 1. to deal with; to handle; to manage; to take care of
2. to prepare; to get something ready
3. to process; to obtain (e.g. a visa/passport)
4. to set up; to run
5. to bring to justice; to punish
6. Short for 辦公室 (office)
八刀 fèn 1. part; share; portion
2. ingredient; component
3. duty; responsibility
4. status; standing
5. lot; fate; destiny
6. mutual affection
7. (zh-alt-form, 份, classifier)
8. =====Usage notes=====
9. Many of the senses are now written with the specialised character份.
⺍一八 xīng 1. to rise; to get up
2. to thrive; to prosper; to flourish
3. prosperous; flourishing; popular
4. to start; to build; to establish
5. to elect; to promote
6. to succeed; to achieve success
7. to send; to dispatch; to launch; to mount
8. to collect; to recruit
9. to do; to perform
10. to advocate; to encourage
11. to indulge; to spoil
12. (dialectal, usually in the negative) to allow; to permit
13. maybe; perhaps
xìng 14. excitement; interest; mood in doing something
     高興 - happy lit. high mood
15. sensual desire; sexual desire; passion
16. (obsolete or Min) to like; to be fond of; to love
17. to liken; to analogise
18. (rhetoric) metaphor
19. (poetry) association; speaking first of something else to lead up to the main theme
八厶 gōng 1. public; communal
2. fair; equitable
3. duke
4. (unit) of the International System
     公里 - kilometer
     公尺 - meter
5. (of animals) male
亠八 liù, lù 1. six
2. (printing) small text; The size of type betweenlittle 6, standardized as 7½ point.
斤一八 bīng 1. weapons
2. army; troops
3. soldier
     士兵 - soldier
4. warfare
5. (Chinese chess) pawn
龷由八 huáng 1. yellow
     黃色 - yellow color
2. (colloquial) erotic, pornographic, lewd
     黃片 - adult movie
3. (colloquial) to fizzle out; to fall through
亻囟八夂 shǎ 1. foolish; silly; stupid
2. stupid person; fool; idiot
龷八 gòng 1. common
2. together
3. to share
4. and
目一八 1. tool; implement
2. to possess; to have
3. to provide; to furnish
广里八土 chán 1. a store, shop
2. ground allotted to a retainer
䒑八皿 1. profit; benefit
2. advantage
3. 42nd hexagram of the I Ching
十八 十八 shíbā 1. n. eighteen; 18
1. lying prone, leaning over
2. v. to lie on one's stomach
      - to lie on one's stomach on a bed
3. v. to rest one's upper body on a surface
      桌子 - to rest one's body on a table