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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
古儿 1. to overcome; to subdue; to overthrow
2. gram
3. to restrain; to cut down
4. to be able to
kēi 5. (colloquial) to scold; to censure
6. (colloquial) to beat
冂儿 jiàn 1. to see
      - to have seen
2. to meet; to see
     我們 點鐘 。 - We'll meet at eight.
3. to see; to refer to; vide
      - Please refer to next page.
4. to appear; to seem
     見得 - to appear, to seem
5. opinion, idea, view
     見解 - opinion, view
     意見 - opinion, idea
⺧儿 xiān 1. first; ahead of time; before; beforehand
      洗手間。 - I need to go to the bathroom first.
      jiu3 ci3 。 - I need to go to the bathroom first.
      而家 。 - He slept so long that he only woke up just now.
      ! - Eating one bowl isn't enough!
     nei1 唱歌。 - This is true singing.
      唔係 頭先 。 - Didn't you just go?
2. (Cantonese) first off
      ? - First off, have you even bought it yet?
3. usage. (first; beforehand) In Mandarin, 先 comes before the verb. In Cantonese, 先 comes after the verb.
⺌一儿 guāng 1. light; beam; ray
2. only
3. to make bare
4. shiny
5. (Particle used after verbs to show exhaustion or completion.) until none is left
      - completely sold out
6. bright
囗儿 1. four
2. (music) la (musical note)
3. (printing) English; The size of type between 小四 (little 4) and 小三 (little 3), standardized as 14 point.
二儿 yuán      (zh-syn, )
1. first; primary; head; chief
2. basic; fundamental
3. origin; source
     (zh-syn, )
4. (mathematics) unknown variable
chōng 1. fill, be full, supply
2. v. (archaic) to serve as
厶儿 yǔn 1. to grant, to allow, to consent
匚儿 1. bolt of cloth
2. counter for horses
3. counter for small animals (Japanese)
4. v. to match, to be equal
     匹配 - to match
     匹敌 - to be equal
音儿 jìng 1. finally, after all, at last
2. surprisingly; unexpectedly
厃儿言 zhān 1. used as a surname
2. talk too much, verbose
3. talk too much, verbose
4. (regional) a funny face
虍儿 1. tiger
     老虎 - tiger
2. (figurative) brave; fierce
hǔ, hū 3. (zh-only, 馬虎)
4. (zh-only, 虎不拉)
豸白儿 mào 1. (same as 皃) countenance, appearance
2. (physical) appearance
      。 - (t-needed, zh)
口儿 xiōng 1. elder brother
2. elder brother
3. elder male cousin
     堂兄 - father’s brother’s son older than oneself
4. brother (male friend of the same generation)
儿冫丿丶 zhào 1. omen
2. (China, Japan, Korea and Singapore) trillion (million million), tera-, 10
3. (China) mega-
4. (Vietnam) million, mega-
5. omen
6. (Obsolete in Mainland China) trillion (million million), tera-, 10
7. (Taiwan) trillion, tera-, 10
8. (China) (SI prefix) million, mega-, 10
一儿 wù, wū, wāng 1. to cut off the feet