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huáng sè



Chinese > English
     1. Simplified form of 黃色
     1. n. yellow
     2. adj. yellow
     3. adj. (attributive) pornographic
           黃色 書籍 - pornographic books
English > Chinese
     1. 形容词. 比较级 yellower,最高级 yellowest。
     2. 形容词. 黄的,黄色的
           pale yellow flowers 淡黄色的花朵
           a bright yellow waterproof jacket 明黄色的防水夹克
     3. 形容词. (轻蔑语)黄皮肤的,黄色人种的
     4. 形容词. 胆怯的
     5. 名词. 黄,黄色
           She was dressed in yellow. 她穿着黄衣服。
           the reds and yellows of the trees 红色和黄色的树叶
     6. 动词. (使)变黄
     1. Variant of 黃
     1. yellow (colour)
           黃色 (huángsè) - yellow color
     2. yolk
           雙黃wong4-2 白蓮 蓉 月餅 - double yolk and lotus paste mooncake
     3. Short for 蟹黃
     4. yellow; Far East Asian
     5. (colloquial) pornographic; lewd
           黃片 (huángpiàn) - adult movie
     6. (colloquial) to fizzle out; to fall through
           某些 公司 真 是shi 絕 了,收 啥 黃 啥。 (Mǒuxiē gōngsī zhēn shi jué le, shōu shá huáng shá.) - Some companies are really sucktastic; whatever they purchase flops.
           這zhèi.次 旅遊 的 興致zhi 讓 扒手兒r 給 攪 黃 了。 (Zhèi cì lǚyóu de xìngzhi ràng páshǒur gěi jiǎo huáng le.) - The high spirit of this trip was ruined by a pickpocket., M-UIB
     7. (Cantonese) to let the cat out of the bag (to let a secret be known)
     8. (Hong Kong, politics) supportive of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement
     9. (Min Nan) to ripen
     10. Short for 黃帝
     11. Short for 黃河, Yellow River
           黃 ^宗-羲 (Huáng Zōngxī) - Huang Zongxi (Chinese intellectual and political theorist that lived during the latter part of the Ming dynasty into the early part of the Qing)
           黃Ûiⁿ ^蕙Hūi-蘭 (Ûiⁿ Hūi-lân) - Oei Hui-lan (a Chinese-Indonesian socialite and First Lady of the Republic of China), MN
sè, shǎi, shè
     1. color; tint; hue; shade
           顏色 - color
           顏色shǎi兒r - color
           紅色 - red
           四.色.定理 - four color theorem
     2. look; expression
           臉色 - facial expression
     3. scenery; circumstance
           景色 - scenery
           夜色 - night scenery
     4. kind; sort
           貨色 - goods; stuff; trash; rubbish; quality of goods; specification
     5. feminine charm; beauty
           姿色 - good looks (of women)
     6. lust; sexual desire
           好hào色 - to lust for women
           色情 - pornography; sexual desire
     7. (colloquial) perverted; being a pervert; lecherous
     8. theatrical role
           角jué色 - role; part
     9. metallic content
           成色 - purity (of a precious metal in an alloy)
     10. die (a cube with numbers or symbols on each side, used in games of chance)
           色shǎi子zi - die
     11. (Buddhism) (l-lite, pi, rūpa) (form; material element; form of existence; etc.)
           色 即 是 空,空 即 是 色。 - Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
     12. (transgender slang) Short for 色普龍; cypro (cyproterone acetate)
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huáng sè

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