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mén bǎ shǒu



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     1. 把手
     2. 可乘之机
     3. 头衔
     4. 睹注金额
     6. 支使
     7. 讨论
     8. 处理经营
     9. 操作
     10. 处理
     12. 把柄
     13. 把子
     14. 辫子
     16. 动手
     17. 对待
     1. gate; door; entrance; opening
     2. valve; switch
     3. way of doing something, knack
           門路 - way of doing something
     4. family
     5. (religious) sect; school of thought
           佛門 - Buddhism
     6. class; category
     7. combined with keywords to form the names of scandals (from English -gate)
bǎ, bà
     1. to hold; to grasp; to take
     2. to guard; to have control over
           把守 - to guard; to defend
           把握 - to grasp; to control; to master
     3. (TCM) to feel (for the pulse)
     4. A special type of helping verb which, when placed in front of the object of a sentence, allows for the object of the sentence to be placed before the verb. This allows for greater flexibility in compl
           他 把 刀 放 在 桌子zi 上。 - He put the knife on the table.
     5. used to introduce a “subject + verb + complement” structure; to cause to; to make
     6. bundle; bunch
     7. handle; knob; grip (a part of an object which is held in the hand)
           三 把 刀 - three knives
           四 把 鉸gaau3剪 - four pairs of scissors
           兩 把 掃把 - two brooms
     8. placed after numerals or classifiers to express uncertainty; approximately
     1. hand
     2. expert; master
           高手 - master
     3. -ist; -er
           歌手 - singer
     4. convenient; handy
           手機 - mobile phone
           手冊 - handbook
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mén bǎ shǒu

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