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zì xíng chē



Chinese > English
     1. Simplified form of 自行車
     1. n. bicycle; bike
           (zh-co, 自行車 頭盔, bicycle helmet)
           (zh-co, 自行車 停放架, bicycle stand)
           (zh-co, 騎 自行車, to ride a bicycle)
           前輪 大 後輪 小 的 自行車 - penny farthing
           不准 停放 自行車。 - No bicycle parking.
           他 超過 了 三 輛 自行車。 - He passed three bikes.
English > Chinese
     1. 自行車
zì, zíeijing dialect
     1. self, oneself; one's own
           自顧自 - each minding his own business; each for himself
     2. certainly, of course
     3. personally
     4. since; from
           自 左 而 右 - from left to right
     5. (zh-only, 潮州音樂——自己顧自己)
     6. (cat, cmn, Elementary Mandarin)
     1. (literary or dialectal, sort=行00) to walk
     2. (Cantonese, of a vehicle, sort=行00) to go
           架 巴士 行 得 好 慢 - the bus goes slowly
     3. (Cantonese, sort=行00) to navigate
           落車\落咗車 之 後 點 行 呀? - What do I do after I get off?
     4. (Cantonese, computing, sort=行00) to run
     5. to go; to move
     6. to carry out; to execute
     7. to perform (a salute)
     8. OK; good
           行,就 這麼 定 了。 - OK, it's a deal., tr=Xíng, jiù zhème dìng le.
     9. to be good; to work
           我 覺得 這 方法 行。 - I think this will work., tr=Wǒ juéde zhè fāngfǎ xíng.
     10. to be good (opposed to bad) (usually in negative sentences, or with (m-lite, zh, sc=Hani, 還))
           我 成績 不 行。 - I have bad grades., tr=Wǒ chéngjì bù xíng.
     11. to be able to do something (usually mentioned before)
           他 能 四 分鐘 跑 一 公里,我 不 行。 - He can run a kilometre within 4 minutes. I can't (do that)., tr=Tā néng sì fēnzhōng pǎo yī gōnglǐ, wǒ bù xíng.
     12. (often, sarcastic, sort=行00) remarkable
           你 真 行。 - You are really something., tr=Nǐ zhēn xíng.
           可還行 - , tr=kěháixíng
     13. =====Usage notes=====
     14. Notice that when meaning “be able to do something”, (lang-lite, zh, sc=Hani, 行) can only be used without a complement. This is different from m-lite, zh, 能, sc=Hani, tr=néng, t=to be able to (do somet
     15. profession; industry; trade; business
     16. place for specific transaction
           銀行háng - bank lit. silver store, tr=yínháng
           珠寶行háng - jewellery store, tr=zhūbǎoháng
     17. line of objects; row
           兩 行hong4 字 - two lines of text
     18. (Mainland, sort=行00) row (in data tables)
           (syn, zh, 列)
     19. (Taiwan, sort=行00) column (in data tables)
           (syn, zh, 列)
     20. (Cantonese, sort=行00) Short for 行貨 (tr=-)
     21. (Cantonese, sort=行00) coarse; of poor quality; too general
     22. (zh-no-solo) behaviour; conduct
     23. skill from monk training
           道行héng - monk training, tr=dàohéng
     24. order; rank
     25. (zh-used in, 樹行子, row of trees)
     1. Variant of 車
     2. Variant of 卓
     1. tall and erect
     2. outstanding; profound; brilliant; lofty
     1. (Chinese chess) chariot; rook
     2. (chess) rook
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zì xíng chē

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