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bái sè shū xiě bǎn



Chinese > English
     1. whiteboard
English > Chinese
     1. 白色书写板
     1. n. the color white
     2. adj. white
bái, bó
     1. white
           白色 - white color
     2. clear; easy to understand
           明白 - clear , obvious
           淺白 - simple
     3. clear; pure; plain; blank
           白紙 - a blank sheet of paper
           白水 - plain water
           白粥 - plain congee
     4. vernacular
           白話 - spoken language
     5. reactionary; anticommunist
           白軍 - The White army
           白區 - The White area
           白色恐怖 - the White terror
     6. in vain; for nothing
           我們 沒有 白 忙。 - Our efforts were not in vain.
           她 白 等 了。 - She waited in vain.
           他們 的 血 沒有 白 流。 - Their blood was not shed in vain.
           所有 的 工作 都 白 做 了。 - All the work has been done for nothing.
           白 來 一趟 - to come in vain; to come for nothing
           白給 的 東西 - something given for nothing
     7. free of charge; gratuitous; gratis
           你 可以 白 拿走 這 些 蘋果。 - You can have these apples for free.
     8. to stare coldly; to stare at someone with the white of the eyes
           她 生氣 地 白 了 他 一眼。 - She gave him an angry stare.
     9. to explain; to present; to state
           自白 - explain oneself, confess
           開場白 - preamble
           表白 - to explain oneself
           辯白 - to explain, to defend oneself
     10. to mispronounce or wrongly write a character
           我 老是 寫 白 字 讀破句。 - I always mispronounce words and break my sentences up in the wrong places.
           我 把 這 字 念 白 了。 - I've mispronounced the character.
     11. spoken lines in opera
           念白 - spoken parts of a Chinese opera
           道白 - spoken parts of a Chinese opera
           獨白 - monologue
           對白 - dialogue
     12. dialect
           蘇白 - Suzhou dialect
           京白 - Beijing dialect
     13. funeral
           紅白喜事 - weddings and funerals
     14. Bai
     1. color/colour; tint; hue; shade
           顏色 - color
     2. look; expression
     3. kind; sort
           貨色 - goods; stuff; trash; rubbish; quality of goods; specification
     4. feminine charm; beauty
           姿色 - good looks (of women)
     5. sexual; lewd
           色情 - pornography; sex
     6. (colloquial) being a perv
     7. theatrical role
     8. metallic content
     1. book; codex
     2. collection of bamboo or wooden slips, the traditional form of records in China
     3. letter; document
     4. form of a written or printed Chinese character; style of calligraphy; script; font
     5. Chinese character
     6. the art of calligraphy
     7. (historical) ancient government post in charge of secretarial duties
     8. (historical) imperial edict
     9. storytelling
     1. to write (with a pen, brush, etc.); to write down
     2. to copy; to transcribe
     3. to follow; to describe; to depict
     4. to compose (a text or work); to write; to draft; to create
     5. to draw; to sketch; to portrait
     6. to sign; to formalise
     7. Only used in *寫意 ((dialectal) comfortable; easy; handsome)
     1. boss, manager, patron
     2. plank; board
     3. shopkeeper
     4. iron or tin plate
     5. landlord
     6. boss, owner, person in charge
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bái sè shū xiě bǎn

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