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niú zǎi kù



Chinese > English
牛仔裤niúzǎikù, niúzǐkù
     1. n. jeans
     2. n. blue jeans
English > Chinese
     1. 牛仔裤
     1. n. (Min Nan) Jinhwang mango (a cultivar of mango grown in Taiwan)
     2. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №19
     3. cow; bull; ox; buffalo (general name for bovine animals)
     4. beef
           乾gān炒牛河 - beef chow fun
     5. stubborn; pigheaded
     6. (colloquial) arrogant
     7. (slang) awesome; powerful
           牛屄 - vulgar awesome
           牛人 - an awesome person
     8. (astronomy) the Ox, a Chinese constellation near Capricorn
     9. (physics) Short for 牛頓 (newton)
     1. a diminutive suffix for nouns, adjectives or quantities
           囡仔 - child, MN
           小叔仔 - brother-in-law (husband's younger brother), MN
           勻勻仔 - slowly, MN
           小可仔 - a little bit, MN
           歌仔戲 - (Taiwanese opera)
     2. a suffix that converts a verb or adjective into a noun
           抿仔 - brush, MN
           矮仔 - shorty, MN
     3. a suffix placed after a name or title, used endearingly, humorously or pejoratively
     4. (Min Nan) An interfix placed between two nouns to show the relationship between the two objects.
           翁仔某 - husband and wife, MN
     5. (Min Nan) An interfix placed between two numbers to denote the value of 100, i.e. x 仔 y = 100x + 10y.
           三-仔-五 - three hundred fifty, MN
     6. (Min Nan) An interfix used limitedly in certain temporal location adverbs.
           今kin-仔日 - today, MN
           明bîn-仔早chài - tomorrow, MN
     7. a suffix used after nouns
           樹-仔 - tree, H
     8. a suffix that makes a derogatory slur
           阿山-仔 - Mainlander, H
     9. (Used after a verb to indicate perfective aspect (action completion).)
     10. (Used at the end of a sentence to indicate a change of state.)
     1. trousers, pants
     2. pants, trousers
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niú zǎi kù

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