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sàn rè qì



Chinese > English
     1. n. radiator (device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air)
     2. n. cooling panel, heat sink
     3. n. fan (computer)
English > Chinese
     1. 辐射体
     2. 发光物
     3. 放热体
     4. 放热器
     5. 暖气机
     6. 冷却器
     7. 冷却装置
     8. 播送用天线
     9. 电热器
     1. free and unfettered
     2. natural and restrained; at ease
     3. loose; free
     4. to become loose; to break apart; to fall apart
     5. scattered; fragmentary; odd; apart
     6. mixed and disorderly; miscellaneous
     7. (literature) free from parallelism
     8. careless; incautious; inattentive
     9. ordinary; useless
     10. (TCM) medicine in powder form
     11. to break up; to disperse; to scatter
     12. to distribute; to disseminate
     13. to open; to open wide
     14. to dissipate; to distract; to find diversion
     15. to run away; to escape; to flee
     16. to express; to declare; to explain
     17. to end; to finish; to be over
     18. to lose; to miss
     19. herd; graze
     20. chaotic; helter-skelter
     1. hot; heated; having a high temperature
           今天 很 熱。 - It is quite hot today.
           啲 湯 仲係 好 熱,小心 啲 啦。 - The soup's still hot; be careful.
     2. to heat up; to warm up
     3. heat; hotness; warmness; high temperature
     4. hot weather; summer heat
     5. kind; amiable; fervent; close and dear
     6. feverish; to have a fever
     7. fever; febrility; pyrexia
     8. zeal; fondness; enthusiasm; trend
     9. popular; fashionable; in vogue
     10. flourishing; thriving; prosperous
     11. worried; anxious; distraught
     12. fervently; passionately; enthusiastically; very
     1. device; tool; utensil; ware
           器具 - utensil
     2. (medicine) organ
           器官 - organ
     3. capacity; tolerance
           器量 - tolerance
     4. talent; ability
           大器晚成 - idiom A great talent takes time to mature.
     5. (literary) to think highly of
           器重 - to regard highly
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sàn rè qì

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