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dǎ pēn tì

to sneeze


Chinese > English
     1. v. to sneeze
     1. to hit, to strike, to slap
           別 打 人。 - Don't hit people.
     2. to beat up
     3. the act of beating up
           他 挨 了 一 頓 打。 - He was beaten up.
     4. to perform (a martial art)
           打 太極拳 - to perform Tai Chi
     5. to get
           打 水 - to get water
     6. to guess; (the riddle) is about
           打 一 人物 - to guess a person
     7. to buy (meat, soy sauce, oil, etc. at a grocery store)
           打.醬油 - to buy soy sauce
     8. to make (a gesture, signal, etc.)
     9. to send or call
           打 電報 - to send a telegraph
           打 電話 - to call someone's telephone
           打 手機 - to call someone's cellphone
     10. to pump (a tire, etc.)
           打 氣 - to pump air into something
     11. (involving gunpowder) to fire off; to set off
           打 槍 - to fire a gun (mainly used in China)
           打daa2 炮paau3仗zoeng2 - to set off a firecracker
     12. (computer) to type
           “啲\od的i1” 字 點 打daa2? - How do you type o的?
     13. to use (a computer)
           打 電腦 - to use a computer
     14. to play (a video game or console)
           打 電動 - to play video game
     15. to play (a sport involving balls with hand)
           打 壁球 - to play squash
           打 一 場 輸 一 場 - play a round and lose a round
           打波 - to play a ball game
     16. to play (mahjong)
           打 麻雀zoek3-2 - to play mahjong
     17. to play the drums
           打 鼓 - to play the drums
     18. (vulgar) to perform sexual activity
           打砲 - to have sex
           打手槍 - to masturbate
     19. dozen
           一 打dá 雞蛋 - a dozen of eggs
pēn, pèn
     1. spurt, blow out, puff out
     2. spray
           噴嚏 - sneeze
     1. sneeze
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dǎ pēn tì

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