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xiǎo lún mó tuō chē



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     1. 滑行车
     1. n. motorcycle; motorbike
     1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №15
     2. small, tiny, little
     3. minor, petty
     4. briefly, for a short while
     5. slightly, a little
     6. young
     7. (the) youngest
     8. a young person; child, kid, baby
     9. (Prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection (for young people,老 for elder people).)
     10. (humble) my, our
     11. (Used only in the abbreviation of a school name.)
     12. (euphemism, Cantonese) a euphemism of屌
     1. wheel
     2. edge, rim
     3. round (of talks, performance, etc.)
     4. to take turns
           輪 到 你 了。 - It's your turn.
           我 等 咗 十 幾 分 鐘 都 仲 未 輪 到 我,真 係 離晒譜。 - I've waited for over ten minutes now and it's still not my turn; this is ridiculous.
     5. (comparing people's ages) a cycle of Chinese zodiac, twelve years
           我 比 他 大 一 輪。 - I'm 12 years older than him.
     6. (Classifier for moon.)
mó, mā
     1. to rub; to scour; to grind
     2. to stroke; to brush
     3. to approach; to touch; to draw near
     4. to study; to investigate; to research
     5. (chemistry) Short for 摩爾 (mole)
     1. entrust, rely on
     2. to hold up with one's palm
     3. to commission
     4. to support, rely on
     5. rely on
     6. to hold in the hand
     7. give as a pretext
     8. something that supports
     9. entrust
     10. torr (unit of pressure)
     1. vehicle; car
     2. machine; instrument
     3. to tailor or sew using a sewing machine
           車衫 - to sew clothes with a sewing machine
     4. (Cantonese) to drive somebody; to give somebody a ride
           你 可 唔 可以 車 我 去 地鐵 站 呀? - Can you drive me to the MTR station?
     5. (Sichuanese) to rotate
     6. usage. 車 is a collective term for all types of vehicles with wheel(s). Additional morphemes are added in front to specify the type of the vehicle. For example:
           汽車 - car
           火車 - train
           自行車 - bicycle
           嬰兒車 - pram
     7. (Chinese chess) chariot; rook
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xiǎo lún mó tuō chē

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