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xué shēng



Chinese > English
     1. n. student; pupil
           我 不 是 學生,我 是 工程師。 - I am not a student, I am an engineer.
           學生 時代 - student days
           學生 手冊 - student handbook
           提高 學生 素質 - to improve the calibre of students
     2. n. discipline; follower
English > Chinese
     1. 名词. 学生
     2. 名词. 瞳孔
xué, xiáo
     1. to learn; to study
           學習 - to study; to learn
           我 打算 學 攝影。 - I plan to learn photography.
     2. to imitate; to copy; to mimic
           鸚鵡 學 人 語。 - Parrots imitate human speech.
     3. school
     4. learning; knowledge
     5. theory; doctrine
     6. subject; branch of learning; science; -ology
           化學 - chemistry
           生物學 - biology
     1. to live; to subsist; to exist
     2. to grow; to develop; to bud
     3. (causative) to bear; to give birth; to bring up; to rear
     4. to be born; to come into existence
     5. offspring; descendant
     6. pupil; disciple; student
     7. (historical) scholar; Confucian scholar
     8. (opera) actor or male character
     9. Short for 先生 (gentleman)
     10. (Cantonese) Short for 先生 (Mr.)
     11. life; existence; being; living
     12. fresh; not stale
     13. raw; uncooked
     14. uncultured; uncultivated
     15. strange; unfamiliar
     16. mechanically; forcedly
     17. vivid; strong; forceful
     18. innate; natural; born with
     19. living things; organism
     20. livelihood; subsistence
     21. lifetime; all one's life
     22. birthday; anniversary
     23. to bring back to life; to revive; to rescue
     24. to generate; to breed; to create
     25. to manufacture; to produce
     26. to happen; to occur; to take place
     27. (Buddhism) to go into society; to be reincarnated
     28. (dialectal) to set up; to put in; to settle
     29. to light; to ignite (a fire)
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xué shēng

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