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shí yuè



Chinese > English
     1. n. October
     2. n. The modern name of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.
English > Chinese
     1. 十月
     1. ten
     2. (figurative) topmost; utmost
           十分 - very
           十全十美 - perfect
     1. (literary or dialectal) moon
     2. moon-shaped objects
     3. (literary) moonlight
     4. month
           Synonyms: 月份, wuu:號頭
     5. monthly
           月薪 - yuèxīn - monthly wage
     6. Variant of 肉
     7. Variant of 夕
     8. Variant of 明
     1. night; evening; dusk
     2. Simplified form of 穸
     3. Variant of 月
     4. Variant of 明
     1. bright; light; brilliant
           明月 - splendid moon
     2. clear; limpid (transparent; light-conducting; not obscured)
           窗明几淨 - a neat place (literally, "the window is clear, the desk is clean")
     3. manifest; apparent (easily seen, perceived, or detected)
           明顯 - obvious
           明瞭 - apparent; simple and clear
           明 槍 易 躲,暗箭 難 防 - It is easy to dodge an open attack, but difficult to defend against a concealed one.
     4. vision; sight (the ability to see)
           失明 - to be blind; to lose eyesight
     5. (of vision) acute; sharp; keen
           耳聰目明 - sharp at hearing and vision
     6. (figurative) intellect; knowledge; judgement; discernment; sensibility
           無明 - ignorance
     7. (figurative) intelligent; sensible; informed; wise
           明智 - wise; sensible
           英明 - wise
     8. to understand; to know
           講明 - to explain
           明事理 - sensible; capable
           你 唔 明 一定 要 出聲。 - If you don't understand you must speak up.
           我 真係 唔係 好 明 點解(……) - I really don't get why (…)
     9. evidently
           明知故問 - to ask intentionally a question one already knows the answer to
     10. (literary) to make known
           開宗明義 - to make clear the main idea at the beginning in one's speech or writing
     11. next; following
           明天 - tomorrow
           明年 - next year or the following year
           今 冬 明 春 - this winter and next spring
     12. (literary) tomorrow
     13. Ming dynasty
     14. , listed as #111 on the Baijiaxing
     15. (Chinese linguistics) the Middle Chinese initial of 明
ròu, rù
     1. meat; flesh
           豬肉 - pork
           牛肉 - beef
           我 從不 吃 肉。 - I never eat meat.
           這 種 魚 的 肉 異常 鮮美。 - The flesh of this kind of fish has exceptional delicacy.
           不久,鬣狗 便可 飽餐一頓 這些 死 了 的 動物 的 肉。 - Soon, the hyenas could then feast on the flesh of these dead animals.
     2. (specifically) pork
           肉三鮮 的 餃子zi - three delicious ingredient pork dumpling
           蒜薹 炒 肉 - garlic chive and pork stir-fry
     3. body
           肉體 - physical body -
     4. flesh; pulp
           這 桃子zi 肉 味 甜 汁 多。 - The flesh of the peach was sweet and juicy.
     5. (ACG) media; video
           生肉 - raws (not fansubbed videos or clips -)
           熟肉 - localized, subbed(, - or dubbed media)
           烤肉 - localized, subbed(, - or dubbed media, with detailed effects)
     6. (archaic) edge; brim; an outer part of a ring-shaped object (such as coin or jade annulus)
     7. (archaic, of sound and music) rich; substantial
     8. (dialectal Mandarin) spongy; squashy; flabby
           這 西瓜 瓤兒r 太 肉 了。 - The pulp of this watermelon is too spongy.
     9. (dialectal Mandarin) slow; sluggish
           這 個 人 做事 真 肉。 - This person does everything sluggishly.
     10. meat; flesh
           豬肉 - pork, MN
           牛肉 - beef, MN
     11. (specifically) pork
           肉骨 - pork ribs, MN
     12. flesh; pulp
           龍眼乾 肉 - flesh of dried longan, MN
     13. main part of an object
           刀肉 - blade of a knife or sword, MN
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shí yuè

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