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shí zì lù kǒu



Chinese > English
十字路口shízì lùkǒu
     1. n. cross-shaped intersection, street crossing
English > Chinese
     1. 名词. 交叉
     1. ten
     2. (figurative) topmost; utmost
     3. (figurative) complete
           待字閨中 - to stay in the boudoir waiting to be betrothed
     1. Chinese character; hanzi
           這個 字 怎麼 唸? - How do you read this character?
     2. word; term; wording; diction
           這 字 拼 錯 了。 - This word is wrongly spelt; you've left out a letter.
     3. (computing) word
     4. handwriting; writing
           他 的 字 很 差chà。 - His handwriting is very bad.
     5. (historic) courtesy name; Chinese-style name (a name traditionally given to Chinese males at the age of 20)
     6. (historic) to style; to give someone a courtesy name
     7. letter; symbol; character
           字母 - letter
           字串 - character string
     8. (calligraphy) style of handwriting; printing type
     9. (calligraphy) (a calligrapher's) calligraphy work
     10. written letter; message; correspondence
     11. receipt; contract; slip
     12. pronunciation of a character; pronunciation
     13. (Cantonese, Min Nan, Malaysia, Singapore) five minutes (derived from the locations of 1 to 12 on a clock face)
           三 個 字 - fifteen minutes i.e. when the minute hand points to 3
           七 點 兩nn̄g 字 - ten past seven, MN
     1. road, path, street
     2. pattern, arrangement
     3. way, method
     4. journey
     5. route
     6. kind, type
     1. usage. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №22
     2. usage. This character (口) is used within characters; if a square is instead used as an enclosure (around) a character, then the character 囗 is used instead.
     3. mouth
           漱 漱 你 的 口。 - Rinse your mouth out.
     4. entrance; opening; mouth (of an object)
           入口 - entrance
           出口 - exit
     5. hole; cut
           口子zi - hole
           傷口 - wound
     6. government organ; department
           我 可以 吃 一 口 嗎? - Can I have a bite?
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shí zì lù kǒu

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