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shā chē tà bǎn

brake pedal


     1. (剎多羅)
     2.    (Buddhism) land; world; place; area
     3.    (Buddhism) place of pilgrimage; kshetra; Buddhist temple; Buddhist monastery; pagoda
     4.   古剎 - old Buddhist temple
     5. (剎那)
     6.    (Buddhism) instant; moment; impermanence
     7.    (by extension) brief moment; short moment
     8. to brake (a car); to stop a car
           剎shā車 - to brake a car
     1. vehicle; car
     2. machine; instrument
     3. to tailor or sew using a sewing machine
           車衫 - to sew clothes with a sewing machine
     4. (Cantonese) to drive somebody; to give somebody a ride
           你 可 唔 可以 車 我 去 地鐵 站 呀? - Can you drive me to the MTR station?
     5. (Sichuanese) to rotate
     6. usage. 車 is a collective term for all types of vehicles with wheel(s). Additional morphemes are added in front to specify the type of the vehicle. For example:
           汽車 - car
           火車 - train
           自行車 - bicycle
           嬰兒車 - pram
     7. (Chinese chess) chariot; rook
     1. step on, trample, tread on
     2. walk
     3. to step on; to trample; to tread on
     4. to investigate onsite
     5. (Cantonese) (Used before a number to indicate time, where the number is what the minute hand is pointing to on an analog clock.)
     1. boss, manager, patron
     2. plank; board
     3. shopkeeper
     4. iron or tin plate
     5. landlord
     6. boss, owner, person in charge
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shā chē tà bǎn

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