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bā yuè



Chinese > English
     1. n. August
     2. n. eighth month of the Chinese calendar
English > Chinese
     1. 名词. 八月
     1. an accounting version of the numeral eight that is otherwise written astr=-
     2. usage. Minor strokes in the shape of ハ/八, as in the top of 劵, can be referred to 八. These are very frequently simplified to 丷. Contrast 劵/券, and different forms of (lang, ja, 鬲)/lang, und, sc=Hans, 鬲.
     3. (zh-alt-form, 朳, toothless rake)
     4. eight
     5. (zh-alt-form, 扒, to break open, split open)
     6. many, numerous
     7. to know; to recognise; to be familiar with
     8. (printing) pearl; The smallest size of usual type, standardized as 5 point.
           捌字 - to know how to read, tr=báik-cê, MD
     9.    to gossip (about); to stick one's nose in
     10. to know (somebody)
     11.    (Cantonese) nosey; meddling
           伓捌 - to not know (someone), tr=n̂g-báik, MD
     12.   八婆 - nosey parker; meddling woman
     13. already; previously
     14. (zh-obsolete) to divide; to differentiate
           捌曾 - a term denoting past tense, tr=báik-cèng, MD
           捌bat 做 %過kòe - to have done something already, MN
     1. usage. Do not confuse (lang, mul, 月) with m, mul, ⺼, sc=Hani, a form of m, mul, 肉, , flesh, meat when used as the left-hand radical of a character. m, mul, ⺼, sc=Hani is used for parts of the body such as m
     2. (literary) moon
     3. moon-shaped objects
     4. month
     5. monthly
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bā yuè

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