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rén xíng héng dào

pedestrian crossing


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人行横道rénxíng héngdào
     1. n. pedestrian crossing (place for pedestrians to cross a street)
     1. usage. In print, 人 may have symmetric legs. However in handwriting, to distinguish from 入, the right leg will be shorter, the shape looking like a ʎ; in 入 the left leg is shorter.
     2. man; person; people
     3. human being (Homo sapiens)
     4. body
     5. everybody; everyone
     6. physical, psychological or moral quality or condition; character; personality
     7. a person associated with a particular identity or trait; -er
     8. manpower; worker; employee
     1. usage. 行 itself is also used as a radical (in addition to 彳); unusually for radicals, the phonetic is placed in the middle – with 彳 on the left and 亍 on the right – corresponding to the phonetic originally b
     2. (literary or dialectal) to walk
     3. to go; to move
     4. to carry out; to execute
     5. to perform (a salute)
     6. OK; good
           行,就 這麼 定 了。 - OK, it's a deal.
     7. to be good; to work
           我 覺得 這 方法 行。 - I think this will work.
     8. to be good (opposed to bad) (usually in negative sentences, or with (m, zh, 還))
           我 成績 不 行。 - I have bad grades.
     9. to be able to do something (usually mentioned before)
     10. =====Usage notes=====
     11. Notice that when meaning “be able to do something”, 行 can only be used without a complement. This is different fromto be able to (do something).
     12. profession; industry; trade; business
     13. place for specific transaction
           銀行háng - bank lit. money store
           珠寶行háng - jewellery store
     14. line of objects; row
     15. behaviour; conduct
     16. skill from monk training
           道行héng - monk training
     17. Only used in 樹行子 (row of trees)
héng, hèng
     1. across, horizontal, lateral (horizontal character stroke)
     2. to move crosswise; transverse
     3. unrestrainedly; turbulently
     4. (Chinese calligraphy) a horizontal stroke ((m, mul, ㇐))
     1. way, path, road
           道路 - road
     2. (historical) a circuit: an administrative division of late imperial China comprising 2 or more commanderies
     3. method, principle
     4. (philosophy) the Way, the Tao, the Dao: the way of nature and/or the ideal way to live one's life
     5. doctrine, teachings (of a religion)
           傳道 - to preach
     6. to say, to utter
           能說會道 - can talk really well idiom
     7. (Classifier for long things.)
           一道 閃電 - a lightning
           一道 河 - a river
           一道 縫 - a crack
           一 道 彩虹 - a rainbow
     8. (Classifier for barriers.)
           一道 籬笆 - a fence
     9. (Classifier for courses in a meal.) dish
           一 道 菜 - a dish of food
     10. (Classifier for questions (in an exam).)
     11. (Classifier for order, proclamation.)
           一 道 公文 - a proclamation
           一 道 命令 - an order
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rén xíng héng dào

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