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The Catalan word for one is

Translations for one and their definitions

     1. n-f. the letter U (lowercase u)
     2. n-m. one

     1. art. an; the indefinite article
     2. art. (in the plural) some
     3. num. (cardinal) one
     4. pron. one; indefinite pronoun

     1. pron. ca-ppron
     2. pron. one, people, someone (an unspecified individual: indefinite personal pronoun)
           Hom diu que… - It is said that…

     1. adj. ca-adj
     2. adj. only
     3. adj. unique

     1. adj. ca-adj
     2. adj. serves as an intensifier in the same manner that in English would be performed by the appropriate reflexive pronoun (myself, himself, themselves, etc.)
           Vostè mateix és responsable d'aquest desastre. - You yourself are responsible for this disaster.
           El Sant Grial només pot ser tocat pels sants mateixos. - The Holy Grail may only be touched by the saints themselves.
     3. det. same (identical)
           Vam néixer el mateix dia. - We were born on the same day.
     4. det. same (similar)
     5. det. (between a possessive pronoun and a noun) own
           El seu mateix pare no va creure el seu relat. - Her own father did not believe her tale.

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