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     1. adj. shaking, shivering
           The quivering mass of jello rocked back and forth incessantly but remained on the plate.
     2. n. A motion by which something quivers or trembles.
           quiverings of the eyelid

Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

But it hardly felt great enough a threat to keep us all cringing and quivering indoors.
His voice is high, quivering, mournful, heartbreakingly beautiful and weirdly distant.
She cries out inarticulately, after a second walks shaking to the cat and with quivering hands grabs the twine and tugs at it until it breaks off.
For weeks, these fledglings have been feeding themselves at the bird table, but as soon as an adult bird appears, they collapse into fat fluffy cheeps, with quivering wings, open beaks and an urgent need for food.

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