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     1. adj. (current in UK, rare in the US) Subject to discussion (originally at a moot); arguable, debatable, unsolved or impossible to solve.
     2. adj. (North America, chiefly legal) Being an exercise of thought; academic.
           Walter Crane and Lewis F. Day (1903) Moot Points: Friendly Disputes on Art and Industry Between Walter Crane and Lewis F. Day
     3. adj. (North America) Having no practical impact or relevance.
           That point may make for a good discussion, but it is moot.
     4. n. A moot court.
     5. n. A system of arbitration in many areas of Africa in which the primary goal is to settle a dispute and reintegrate adversaries into society rather than assess penalties.
     6. n. (Scouting) A gathering of Rovers, usually in the form of a camp lasting 2 weeks.
     7. n. (paganism) A social gathering of pagans, normally held in a public house.
     8. n. (historical) An assembly (usually for decision making in a locality).
     9. n. (shipbuilding) A ring for gauging wooden pins.
     10. v. To bring up as a subject for debate, to propose.
     11. v. To discuss or debate.
     12. v. (US) To make or declare irrelevant.
     13. v. To argue or plead in a supposed case.
     14. v. (regional, obsolete) To talk or speak.
           'Tis no boot to moot again of it.
     15. v. (Scotland, Northern England) To say, utter, also insinuate.
           He could not moot the words.
     16. n. (Scotland, Northern England) A whisper, or an insinuation, also gossip or rumors.
           Na, I haven't heard a moot of it.
           Haven't you heard the moot, mate? There are going to be layoffs. They are going to shit-can the lot of us.
     17. n. (Scotland, Northern England, rural) Talk.
           No, there's no moot of it on the streets.
           There's some moot of charges, but nothing concrete yet.
     18. n. (Australia) Vagina.
     19. n. (West Country) The stump of a tree; the roots and bottom end of a felled tree.
     20. v. (West Country) To take root and begin to grow.
     21. v. (West Country) To turn up soil or dig up roots, especially an animal with the snout.

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But look, this whole point is moot anyway.

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