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     1. adj. Of plants, especially trees, that do not shed their leaves seasonally.
     2. adj. Continually fresh or self-renewing; often used metaphorically.
     3. adj.          (contracts) A clause which causes an automatic renewal of a contract unless action is taken.
     4. adj.          (computing) Of a document, a piece of software or a dataset, being continually up-to-date (as opposed to being published at regular intervals and outda
     5. adj. (broadcasting) Suitable for transmission at any time; not urgent or time-dependent.
     6. n. A tree or shrub that does not shed its leaves or needles seasonally.
     7. n. (informal, specifically) A conifer tree.
     8. n. (colloquial) A news story that can be published or broadcast at any time.
     9. v. (patents, pharmaceuticals) To extend the term of a patent beyond the normal legal limit, usually through repeated small modifications.
     10. v. (banking) To set the repayment rate of a loan at or below the interest rate, so low that the principal will never be repaid.

Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

I would plant all three to create an evergreen screen, as well as to provide early summer flowers and a fiery tapestry of winter berries.
They bury evergreen melodies beneath a welter of colliding influences.

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