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     1. n. The result of having been worn away or eroded, as by a glacier on rock or the sea on a cliff face.
     2. n. The changing of a surface by mechanical action, friction, thermal expansion contraction, or impact.
     3. n. (figurative) The gradual loss of something as a result of an ongoing process.
           the erosion of a person's trust
           trademark erosion, caused by everyday use of the trademarked term
     4. n. Destruction by abrasive action of fluids.
     5. n. (mathematics, image processing) One of two fundamental operations in morphological image processing from which all other morphological operations are derived.
     6. n. (dentistry) Loss of tooth enamel due to non-bacteriogenic chemical processes.
     7. n. (medicine) A shallow ulceration or lesion, usually involving skin or epithelial tissue.
     8. n. (math) In morphology, a basic operation (denoted ⊖); see Erosion (morphology).

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But it may not matter to so many people as much as the other erosion of belief.

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