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     1. n. (archaic, or obsolete) A guard; a guardian or watchman.
     2. n. Protection, defence.
     3. n.          (obsolete) A guard or watchman; now replaced by warden.
     4. n.          The action of a watchman; monitoring, surveillance (usually in phrases keep ward etc.).
     5. n.          Guardianship, especially of a child or prisoner.
     6. n.          An enchantment or spell placed over a designated area, or a social unit, that prevents any tresspasser from entering, approaching or even from being ab
     7. n.          (historical, Scots law) Land tenure through military service.
     8. n.          (fencing) A guarding or defensive motion or position.
     9. n. A protected place, and by extension, a type of subdivision.
     10. n.          (archaic) An area of a castle, corresponding to a circuit of the walls.
     11. n.          A section or subdivision of a prison.
     12. n.          An administrative division of a borough, city or council.
                   On our last visit to Tokyo, we went to Chiyoda ward and visited the Emperor's palace.
     13. n.          (UK) A division of a forest.
     14. n.          (Mormonism) A subdivision of the LDS Church, smaller than and part of a stake, but larger than a branch.
     15. n.          A part of a hospital, with beds, where patients reside.
     16. n. A person under guardianship.
     17. n.          A minor looked after by a guardian.
                   After the trial, little Robert was declared a ward of the state.
     18. n.          (obsolete) An underage orphan.
     19. n. An object used for guarding.
     20. n.          The ridges on the inside of a lock, or the incisions on a key.
     21. v. To keep in safety, to watch over, to guard.
     22. v. To defend, to protect.
     23. v. To fend off, to repel, to turn aside, as anything mischievous that approaches; -- usually followed by off.
     24. v. (intransitive) To be vigilant; to keep guard.
     25. v. (intransitive) To act on the defensive with a weapon.



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

Your husband's lucky to go right into a ward.
If I just told you that this wasn't the geriatric ward then why would a nurse be close by?
Now it just became dangerous for her, and so we got the doctor on the phone that weekend, and dad was sent to Mt Sinai hospital's psychiatric ward.

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