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     1. dompet
Bahasa Inggris > Bahasa Inggris
     1. n. A small case, often flat and often made of leather, for keeping money (especially paper money), credit cards, etc.
           The thief stole all the money and credit cards out of the old man's wallet.
     2. n. (by extension, informal) A person's bank account or assets.
           It's unknown if the pro running back's recent sex scandal will hit him in the wallet or not.
     3. n. A thick case or folder with plastic sleeves in which compact discs may be stored.
           I won an auction online for a cheap CD wallet.
     4. n. (archaic) A bag or pouch.
           He brought with him a large wallet with some provisions for the road.
     5. n. (slang) A person's buttocks (the area of the body nearest where one keeps one's wallet).
           He fell down and landed on his wallet.
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     1. wallet


Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

Just open your wallet and give me what's in it!
I don't consider myself a particularly bad person but when I got off the bus, after I thanked the woman, I checked for my wallet.
It won't blow up the systems that still crush the spirit and surcharge your wallet.
Your rightful heirs will duely receive your wallet and its contents.
Blow the cobwebs off your wallet and enlist the services of a trained woodworker.

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