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     1. terowongan
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     1. n. An underground or underwater passage.
     2. n. A passage through or under some obstacle.
     3. n. A hole in the ground made by an animal, a burrow.
     4. n. (computing, networking) A wrapper for a protocol that cannot otherwise be used because it is unsupported, blocked, or insecure.
     5. n. A vessel with a broad mouth at one end, a pipe or tube at the other, for conveying liquor, fluids, etc., into casks, bottles, or other vessels; a funnel.
     6. n. The opening of a chimney for the passage of smoke; a flue.
     7. n. (mining) A level passage driven across the measures, or at right angles to veins which it is desired to reach; distinguished from the drift, or gangway, which is led along the vein when reached by the
     8. v. To make a tunnel through or under something; to burrow.
     9. v. (intransitive) To dig a tunnel.
     10. v. (computing, networking) To transmit something through a tunnel (wrapper for insecure or unsupported protocol).
     11. v. (transitive, medicine) To insert a catheter into a vein to allow long-term use.
     12. v. (physics) To undergo the quantum-mechanical phenomenon where a particle penetrates through a barrier that it classically cannot surmount.
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     1. tunnel



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

How about a tunnel for the many, not the few?
I saw light at the end of the tunnel, so I went in to ask for a herbal tea.
Out the servant's tunnel, by way of the alley.
But the thieves ferried stolen alcohol through the tunnel for two years before their arrest this week.
I got the wickedest case of carpal tunnel.

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