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saudara perempuan


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     1. saudari, kakak perempuan
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     1. n. A daughter of the same parents as another person; a female sibling.
           My sister is always driving me crazy.
     2. n. A female member of a religious order; especially one devoted to more active service; (informally) a nun.
           Michelle left behind her bank job and became a sister at the local convent.
     3. n. Any butterfly in the genus , so named for the resemblance of the dark-colored wings to the black habit traditionally worn by nuns.
     4. n. (British) A senior or supervisory nurse, often in a hospital.
     5. n. Any woman or girl with whom a bond is felt through common membership of a race, profession, religion or organization, such as feminism.
           Connie was very close to her friend Judy and considered her to be her sister.
     6. n. (slang) A black woman.
     7. n. (informal) (A form of address to a woman.)
     8. n. A woman, in certain labour or socialist circles; also as a form of address.
     9. n. (attributively) An entity that has a special or affectionate, non-hierarchical relationship with another.
           sister publication, sister city, sister projects
     10. n. (comptheory) A node in a data structure that shares its parent with another node.
     11. n. (usually attributively) Something in the same class.
           sister ships, sister facility
     12. v. (transitive, construction) To strengthen (a supporting beam) by fastening a second beam alongside it.
           I’m trying to correct my sagging floor by sistering the joists.
     13. v. (obsolete, transitive) To be sister to; to resemble closely.



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

She isn't as beautiful as her sister.
    Dia kurang cantik dibanding kakaknya.
You have a beautiful sister.
    Saudarimu cantik.
I have two brothers and one sister.
    Aku punya dua saudara laki-laki dan satu saudara perempuan.
They were not brother and sister, but they loved each other as much as if they had been.
    Mereka bukan kakak beradik, tapi mereka mencintai satu sama lain seakan mereka sudah seperti itu dari dulu.

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