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     1. pen, pena
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     1. n. An enclosed area used to contain domesticated animals, especially sheep or cattle.
           There are two steers in the third pen.
     2. n. (slang) A prison cell.
           They caught him with a stolen horse, and he wound up in the pen again.
     3. n. (baseball) The bullpen.
           Two righties are up in the pen.
     4. v. To enclose in a pen.
     5. n. A tool, originally made from a feather but now usually a small tubular instrument, containing ink used to write or make marks.
           He took notes with a pen.
     6. n. (figurative) A writer, or his style.
           He has a sharp pen.
     7. n. (colloquial) Marks of ink left by a pen.
           He's unhappy because he got pen on his new shirt.
     8. n. A light pen.
     9. n. (zoology) The internal cartilage skeleton of a squid, shaped like a pen.
     10. n. (now rare, poetic, dialectal) A feather, especially one of the flight feathers of a bird, angel etc.
     11. n. (poetic) A wing.
     12. v. To write (an article, a book, etc.).
     13. n. A female swan.
     14. n. (soccer, slang) penalty
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     1. n. pen (writing utensil)


Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

I don't have a pen.
He pulls out a notebook and a pen and either talks to himself or with a voice-over.
She crosses to the office area, where she retrieves a red pen.
The attentions of the adults are divided between the pen and the table.
At least he's a proper soldier and not some pen pusher.

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