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     1. ibu, bunda
Bahasa Inggris > Bahasa Inggris
     1. n. A (human) female who (a) parents a child (b) gives birth to a baby (c) donates a fertilized egg or (d) donates a body cell which has resulted in a clone. Sometimes used in reference to a pregnant fema
           I am visiting my mother(a) today. — My sister-in-law has just become a mother.(b) — Nutrients and oxygen obtained by the mother(c) are conveyed to the fetus.
     2. n. A female parent of an animal.
           The lioness was a mother of four cubs.
     3. n. (figuratively) A female ancestor.
     4. n. (figuratively) A source or origin.
           The Mediterranean was mother to many cultures and languages.
     5. n. Something that is the greatest or most significant of its kind. (See mother of all).
     6. n. (when followed by a surname) A title of respect for one's mother-in-law.
           Mother Smith, meet my cousin, Doug Jones.
     7. n. (figuratively) Any elderly woman, especially within a particular community.
     8. n. (figuratively) Any person or entity which performs mothering.
     9. n. The principal piece of an astrolabe, into which the others are fixed.
     10. n. The female superior or head of a religious house; an abbess, etc.
     11. n. (obsolete) Hysterical passion; hysteria.
     12. v. (chiefly transitive) To give birth to or produce (as its female parent) a child. (Compare father.)
     13. v. To treat as a mother would be expected to treat her child; to nurture.
     14. n. A stringy, mucilaginous or film- or membrane-like substance (consisting of acetobacters) which develops in fermenting alcoholic liquids (such as wine, or cider), and turns the alcohol into acetic acid
           pieces of mother, adding mother to vinegar
     15. v. To cause to contain mother, , that substance which develops in fermenting alcohol and turns it into vinegar.
           mothered oil / vinegar / wine
     16. v. (intransitive, of an alcohol) To develop mother.
     17. n. (euphemistic, coarse, slang) Motherfucker.
     18. n. (euphemistic, colloquial) A striking example.
     19. n. alternative form of moth-er
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     1. n. mother
     2. n. ma'am, missus
     3. n. you (very formal)



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

You're my mother, aren't you?
Where was your mother during all of this?
My mother put her arm around me and said I could make it.
What is this, your mother waits up?
Oh, mother, I've been so unhappy.

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