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     1. sapi
Bahasa Inggris > Bahasa Inggris
     1. n. (properly) An adult female of the species Bos taurus that has calved.
     2. n. (formerly inexact but now common) Any member of the species Bos taurus regardless of sex or age, including bulls and calves.
     3. n. (uncommon) Beef: the meat of cattle as food.
     4. n. (uncommon) Any bovines or bovids generally, including yaks, buffalo, etc.
     5. n. (biology) A female member of other large species of mammal, including the bovines, moose, whales, seals, hippos, rhinos, manatees, and elephants.
     6. n. (derogatory, informal) A woman considered unpleasant in some way, particularly one considered nasty, stupid, fat, lazy, or difficult.
     7. n. (mining) A chock: a wedge or brake used to stop a machine or car.
     8. v. (transitive, mostly, in the passive voice) To intimidate; to daunt the spirits or courage of.
           Con artists are not cowed by the law.
     9. n. (dialect) A chimney cowl.
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     1. n. cattle
     2. n. cow



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

I said, how's the cow?
Yeah, it's a cow of a job being treasurer, you know.
But what would I do with a three legged cow?
This crazy cow takes us hostage, makes veiled threats and blatant threats, talks in riddles and keeps pointing gun at me.
The cow in Brussels has countless udders and the never dry out.

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