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     1. anak laki-laki
Bahasa Inggris > Bahasa Inggris
     1. n. A young male, particularly
           Kate is dating a boy named Jim.
     2. n.          A male child or teenager, as distinguished from infants or adults.
     3. n. (diminutive) A male child: a son of any age.
     4. n. (affectionate, diminutive) A male of any age, particularly one rather younger than the speaker.
     5. n. (obsolete) A male of low station, (especially as pejorative) a worthless male, a wretch; a mean and dishonest male, a knave.
     6. n. (now rare and usually offensive outside some Commonwealth nations) A male servant, slave, assistant, or employee, particularly:
     7. n.          A younger such worker.
     8. n.          (historical, or offensive) A non-white male servant regardless of age, particularly as a form of address.
     9. n.          (obsolete) A male camp follower.
     10. n. (now offensive) Any non-white male, regardless of age.
     11. n. A male animal, especially, in affectionate address, a male dog.
           C'mere, boy! Good boy! Who's a good boy?
           Are you getting a boy cat or a girl cat?
     12. n. (historical, military) A former low rank of various armed services; a holder of this rank.
     13. n. (US, slang) Heroin.
     14. interj. Exclamation of surprise, pleasure or longing.
           Boy, that was close!
           Boy, that tastes good!
           Boy, I wish I could go to Canada!
     15. v. to use the word boy to refer to someone
           Don't boy me!
     16. v. to act as a boy (in allusion to the former practice of boys acting women's parts on the stage)
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     1. adj. male (belonging or referring to the sex having the smaller gametes (of humans))
     2. n. male
     3. n. boy



Contoh Kalimat-kalimat

Let's let the boy try.
    Mari kita biarkan anak laki-laki itu mencoba.
The boy tried moving the heavy sofa.
    Anak laki-laki itu mencoba memindahkan sofa yang berat itu.
I saw you with a tall boy.
    Aku melihatmu bersama anak laki-laki yang badannya tinggi.
That boy's hair is black.
    Rambut anak itu hitam.
Who is that boy?
    Siapa anak itu?

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