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Listed are the highest scores earned playing games and exercises on this site, and your own position. If you're on the high score list make sure your name is known by setting it in the Settings page.

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salso 10 53

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salso 10 52

Multilinguist Leaders

Only languages with scores over 1000 are listed
User Score Languages
Fausto Gil 346151 French, English
Gabegal 151603 French, Spanish, German
RNA 115247 Swedish, Latin
ученик 82421 Russian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish
nouky 69Anonymous 80371 Spanish, English
1632 58460 Swedish, Latin
pileswasp 53016 German, Norwegian
AnoBeatriznymous 51077 English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish
Basilio 38813 Italian, French, Portuguese
Charlemagne 31152 French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German
Fenniroz 27354 French, Finnish
Nteu2 17997 English, Spanish
salso 10443 Latin, French
Spiti 9932 Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Бриттани 7017 Russian, German, Chinese
ThomasAq 6727 Italian, Latin, German
JCV 6257 Dutch, French