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     1. 名词. 粉紅色
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     1. n. (regional) The common minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus.
     2. n. (regional) A young Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, before it becomes a smolt; a parr.
     3. n. (now historical) A narrow boat.
     4. v. To decorate a piece of clothing or fabric by adding holes or by scalloping the fringe.
     5. v. To prick with a sword.
     6. v. To wound by irony, criticism, or ridicule.
     7. v. To choose; to cull; to pick out.
     8. n. A stab.
     9. n. Any of various flowers in the genus Dianthus, sometimes called carnations.
           This garden in particular has a beautiful bed of pinks.
     10. n. (dated) A perfect example; excellence, perfection; the embodiment of some quality.
           Your hat, madam, is the very pink of fashion.
     11. n. The colour of this flower, between red and white; pale red.
           My new dress is a wonderful shade of pink.
           (color panel, pink, F52887)
     12. n. Hunting pink; scarlet, as worn by hunters.
     13. n. (snooker) One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 6 points.
           Oh dear, he's left himself snookered behind the pink.
     14. n. (slang) An unlettered and uncultured, but relatively prosperous, member of the middle classes; compare babbitt, bourgeoisie.
     15. n. Alternative form of pinko
           My own guess is that there are some pinks in the State Department and in other government departments and agencies, and of course they should be found and ousted; but it seems to me that this c
     16. adj. Having a colour between red and white; pale red.
     17. adj. Of a fox-hunter's jacket: scarlet.
     18. adj. Having conjunctivitis.
     19. adj. (obsolete) By comparison to red (communist), describing someone who sympathizes with the ideals of communism without actually being a Russian-style communist: a pinko.
     20. adj. (informal) Relating to women or girls.
           pink-collar; pink job
     21. adj. (informal) Relating to homosexuals as a group within society.
           the pink economy
           pink dollar; pink pound
     22. v. To turn (a topaz or other gemstone) pink by the application of heat; (more generally) to turn something pink.
     23. v. (of a motor car) To emit a high "pinking" noise, usually as a result of ill-set ignition timing for the fuel used (in a spark ignition engine).
     24. v. (obsolete) To wink; to blink.
     25. adj. (obsolete) Half-shut; winking.
中文 > 英语
     1. n. the color pink
     2. adj. pink
           粉紅色 是 紅色 和 白色 的 混合 色。 - Pink is the mixed colour of red and white.
     3. usage. This term may be shortened to粉.



Yeah, the pink is a bit much.
The little pink ribbons on it are cute.
All the carpets in the world should be pink!
Belts in hot pink with white graphic stripes are made from one continuous piece of acrylic that wrap neatly round the waist.
My face is painted a bright pink as I hide inside of her bosoms, something I was not invited to do.