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1 Twisted, having many turns, convoluted.
2 1. Someone who is from the hills, especially from a rural area, with a connotation of a lack of refinement or sophistication.
2. A white person from the rural southern part of the United States.
3 1. Of or having to do with royalty.
2. Befitting a king, queen, emperor, or empress.
4 1. The measure of a person's stamina or persistence.
2. Ability to endure hardship.
5 Any bovine animal used as a beast of burden or for food, especially an adult castrated male of the domestic species.
6 1. A state of dreaming while awake, a loose or irregular train of thought, musing or meditation, daydream.
2. An extravagant conceit of the imagination, a vision.
7 1. To subject to analysis.
2. To resolve into its elements.
8 1. A religious recluse, someone who lives alone for religious reasons, an eremite.
2. A recluse, someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship.
9 animal excrement
10 A German woman.
11 Pants, trousers.

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