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1 1. Of, or relating to mystics, mysticism or occult mysteries, mystical.
2. Mysterious and strange, arcane, obscure or enigmatic.
2 1. Wearing ordinary civilian clothes instead of a uniform, in order to avoid detection.
2. Ordinary civilian clothes, rather than uniform.
3 A relationship of mutual trust and respect.
4 1. The bark of the cork oak, which is very light and porous and used for making bottle stoppers, flotation devices, and insulation material.
2. A bottle stopper made from this or any other material.
5 In a state of panic.
6 1. Of or pertaining to a deviation, characterized by deviation from an expectation or a social standard.
2. A person who deviates, especially from norms of social behavior.
7 1. An obstacle, delay, or disadvantage.
2. The required distance between a structure and a road.
8 1. To clean oneself by immersion in water or using water, to take a bath, have a bath.
2. To immerse oneself, or part of the body, in water for pleasure or refreshment, to swim.
9 Bearing in mind, regardful, attentive, heedful, observant.
10 1. A political conservative supporting monarchy and traditional political and social institutions.
2. conservative, right-wing
11 Of or relating to a feast or entertainment, or to eating and drinking, with accompanying festivity, festive, social, gay, jovial.
12 1. innocent and trustful, credulous, artless
2. of, like, or suitable for a child, meek, submissive
13 1. A cylindrical explosive projectile that can travel underwater and is used as a weapon.
2. A fish having wings that generate electric current, a kind of electric ray.