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Nessuno fa cos'abbia fatto, prima


No one does what they did before.


     1. adj. no, not any, any
     2. pron. no one, nobody
     1. adv. ago
     2. n. fa (musical note)
     3. n. F (musical note or key)
     4. v. Third-person singular indicative present form of fare.
     5. v. Second-person singular imperative form of fare.
          1. v. To do
          2. v. To make
          1. pron. (sometimes before a vowel or an h) apocopic form of cosa what
          1. v. first-person singular present of avere
          2. v. second-person singular present of avere
          3. v. third-person singular present of avere
          4. v. third-person singular imperative of avere
     1. adj. done, made
     2. adj. fit, right, made
     3. adj. grown
     4. adj. (slang) stoned, baked, high, wasted, stuffed
     5. n. fact, event, occurrence, matter, affair, business, action
     6. v. past participle of fare
     7. v. past participle of farsi
          1. v. To do
          2. v. To make
     1. adj. feminine of primo
     2. adv. before
     3. adv. once, formerly
     4. adv. beforehand, in advance
     5. adv. sooner
     6. n. the first
     7. n. an opening night, a premier
     8. n. the first year at school
          1. adj. first
          2. adj. initial
          3. adj. main, principal
          4. adj. (mathematics) prime
          5. n. first, first one
          6. n. initial one
          7. n. main one, principal one
          8. n. first course (of a meal), starter

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