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Tra poco si parte.


We shall leave soon

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Word Root Meanings
tra 1. prep. between
2. prep. among
3. prep. in (expression of time)
poco 1. adv. little, not much
2. adv. (followed by an adjective) little, not very, poorly
3. adv. (time) a little, a while, a short time
4. adj. little, not much
5. adj. few, not many
6. adj. short, little (time)
7. n. little
8. pron. little, not much
9. pron. few, not many
10. pron. nearly, not long, short, little (time)
tra poco 1. adv. soon, shortly, in a bit, in a little while
si 1. pron. (indefinite) one, you, we, they, people. Note: often translated using the passive voice in English.
2. pron. oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves, (reciprocal) each other, one another. Note: With some verbs, si is not translated in English.
3. pron. (the so-called si passivante, used to form the passive voice of a verb) it (but also see note below). Note: verb + si is often translated as become or get + past participle in English.
1. adv. yes
parte 1. n. part
2. n. deal
3. v. third-person singular present tense of partire
partire 1. v. depart, leave

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