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Il a donné un coup de pied au pneu crevé


He gave the flat tyre a kick.


     1. pron. He, it.
     1. v. third-person singular indicative present of avoir
          1. n. asset, possession
          2. vt. to have (to own)
          3. vi. to have to
          4. v. (auxiliary) to have (auxiliary verb to form compound past tenses of most verbs)
          5. v. to be, to be aged (speaking of age)
          6. v. to be (speaking of condition)
          7. v. to be, measure (speaking of measurements)
          8. v. to have (to trick)
     1. adj. affordable, cheap
     2. adj. viable, achievable, not difficult
     3. v. past participle of donner
          1. v. To give, to transfer the possession/holding of something to someone else.
          2. v. To donate
          3. vi. To come across
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. blow, hit, strike
     2. n. fast and instantaneous action: jeter un coup d'œil
     3. n. elementary action that may be repeated (e.g. in a game): boire un coup
     4. n. small quantity: mettre un coup de peinture
     5. n. planned action: préparer son coup
     1. prep. of (expresses belonging)
     2. prep. 's (used to express property or association)
     3. prep. from (used to indicate origin)
     4. prep. of (indicates an amount)
     5. prep. used attributively, often translated into English as a compound word
     6. prep. from (used to indicate the start of a time or range)
     7. prep. used after certain verbs before an infinitive, often translating into English as a gerund or an infinitive
     8. prep. by
     9. art. (indefinite) some, any (in questions or negatives)
     10. art. (negative) a, an, any
     1. n. (anatomy) foot
     2. n. leg, foot (projection on the bottom of a piece of equipment to support it)
     3. n. An old unit of measure equal to 32.5 centimetres
     4. n. Translation for English foot (approx. 30.5 centimetres)
     5. n. (poetry) foot
coup de pied
     1. n. kick
     2. n. hop, skip, and a jump
     1. contr. (contraction of à le, , to the, for the, at the)
          1. prep. to (destination)
          2. prep. to (until)
          3. prep. on the, to (some directions)
          4. prep. at (said of a particular time)
          5. prep. at, in, on (said of a particular place)
          6. prep. of (belonging to)
          7. prep. till, until (used in farewells)
          8. prep. (cuisine) cooked in or with
          9. prep. Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for
          10. prep. (before an infinitive) to (used to express something not completed)
          11. prep. Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective
          12. prep. by
          13. prep. or, to (used to express an approximate number)
          14. prep. from, (used to name the provenance or owner of something).
          1. art. The (definite article).
          2. art. Used before abstract nouns, not translated in English.
          3. art. (before parts of the body) The, my, your, etc.
          4. art. (before units) A, an.
          5. pron. (direct object) Him, it.
          6. pron. (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied, not translated in English).
     1. n. tyre, tire
     1. adj. popped
     2. adj. (slang) dead
     3. adj. (slang) knackered, exhausted, wiped out
     4. v. past participle of crever

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