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come out


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come out
     1. v. To be discovered, be revealed.
     2. v. To be published, be issued.
     3. v. (as a debutante) To make a formal debut in society.
     4. v. To end up or result.
     5. v. (cricket, of a batsman) To walk onto the field at the beginning of an innings.
     6. v. (idiomatic, informal) To come out of the closet.
     1. vi. To move from further away to nearer to.
     2. vi. To arrive
     3. vi. To appear, to manifest itself.
     4. vi. To take a position to something else in a sequence.
     5. vi. (slang) alternative spelling of cum To achieve orgasm.
     1. adv. Away from home or one's usual place, or not indoors.
     2. adv. Away from, at a distance.
     3. adv. Away from the inside or the centre.
     4. adv. Into a state of non-operation, into non-existence.
     5. adv. Used to intensify or emphasize.

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Example Sentences

Why don't you all come out of the darkness? 
A lot of kids come out so negative. 
He has not come out on his balcony for weeks. 
What are the problems of discrimination that could come out of this? 
That did come out rather poorly. 

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