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くすり - kusuri



Japanese > English
     1. drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine
     2. n. A medicine or drug.
     3. n. Usage: Only used in compounds.
     4. n. A substance with mystical properties, especially one that has an effect on the body, health, or lifespan.
     5. n. A medicine or drug, a pharmaceutical.
     6. n. A chemical, generally toxic and used for its effect on living organisms, such as insecticide or herbicide.
     7. n. A substance that has a beneficial effect in improving or maintaining one's health.
     8. n. Something that has a beneficial effect in correcting one's mistakes.
     9. n. Abbreviation of 釉薬: A glaze or enamel applied to ceramics.
     10. n. Gunpowder (from the “mystical substance” sense, and the second character in the word 火薬).
     11. n. A small bribe.
     12. n. Usage: The medicine sense is probably the most common in modern Japanese.
     13. n. A medicine or drug, especially a narcotic or other recreational drug.
     14. n. Usage: The slang meaning is generally limited to when the term yaku is used as a standalone noun. In compounds, yaku refers more generally to pharmaceuticals, or sometimes chemicals.
Japanese > Japanese
     1. 名詞. くすり
     2. 名詞. #病気や傷の治療のために、飲んだり塗ったりするもの。
     3. 名詞. #(比喩)人としての成長のため役に立つ苦役。
     4. 名詞. #農業で防虫、除虫のため散布するもの。農薬。
     5. 名詞. #陶器を焼く際にかけ、ガラス様の加工をし、水分をしみこませなくするもの。うわぐすり、釉薬。
     6. 名詞. (ヤク 俗語)麻薬、覚醒剤などの非合法薬剤の隠語。



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