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Google Translation:
Non abbiamo la lavastoviglie, lo so

     1. adv. not
     2. adv. un-
     1. v. first-person plural present indicative of avere
     2. v. first-person plural present of avere
     3. v. first-person plural imperative of avere
          1. vt. To have.
          2. vt. To have got.
          3. vt. To be (age).
          4. v. (auxiliary) To have.
          5. n. property, substance
          6. n. (in the plural) belongings
          7. n. credit, assets
     1. art. the
     2. pron. her (direct object)
     3. pron. it (feminine)
           ...una improvvisa timidezza però la immobilizza... (Pasolini) - ...a sudden timidity immobilized her though...
     5. n. la (musical note)
     6. n. A (musical note and scale)
     1. n. dishwasher
     1. art. (the form of il that is used before the so-called impure consonants, that is, s+consonant, gn, ps, x or z, before a vowel it becomes l’) the
     2. pron. him
     3. pron. this or that thing, it
     1. v. (I) know (first-person singular present tense of sapere)
          1. v. to know information
          2. v. to be able to, can, could (know how to)
          3. v. to taste, to smell
          4. vt. To come to know, to become informed of, to find out.
          5. n. knowledge, learning
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