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Google Translation:
E nemmeno ho mai saputo nuotare, ci crede?

     1. conj. and
     1. adv. not even
     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of avere
          1. vt. To have.
          2. vt. To have got.
          3. vt. To be (age).
          4. v. (auxiliary) To have.
          5. n. property, substance
          6. n. (in the plural) belongings
          7. n. credit, assets
     1. adv. never, ever
     1. v. past participle of sapere
          1. v. to know information
          2. v. to be able to, can, could (know how to)
          3. v. to taste, to smell
          4. vt. To come to know, to become informed of, to find out.
          5. n. knowledge, learning
     1. v. to swim
     1. pron. us.
     2. pron. ourselves
     3. pron. impersonal reflexive pronoun
     4. pron. on it, about it, of it
     5. adv. here, there
     1. v. third person, singular, present tense of credere
          1. v. to believe
          2. v. to think
ci crede
          1. v. To consider oneself, to believe oneself, to think.
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