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Google Translation:
jemand für etwas verantwortlich machen

     1. pron. (indefinite) someone, somebody
     1. pron. something
     2. adv. somewhat, slightly
     3. adv. a little, a bit
     1. adj. responsible
     2. adj. answerable
     1. v. to make; to produce; to create an object, arrangement, situation etc.
           Ich hab dir einen Kuchen gemacht! - I have made you a pie!
           Du hast einen Fehler gemacht. - You made a mistake.
     4. v. to take (a photo)
     5. v. to prepare (e.g. food, drinks)
           Machst du heute das Essen? - Will you prepare dinner today?
           sich eine Pizza machen - to heat up or make a pizza for oneself
     8. v. (transitive, informal) to do (to perform an action)
           Mach es! - Do it!
           Das hat er ganz allein gemacht! - He has done that all by himself!
     11. v. (transitive, colloquial) to matter (only impersonally)
           Das macht nichts! - That doesn't matter!
     13. v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to come to; to total; to cost (prices)
           Wie viel macht das? - How much does that come to?
     15. v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to earn; to receive or create profit
           Der Herr Müller ist echt reich; der macht mehr als 5000 im Monat. - Mr Müller is quite rich; he makes more than 5000 bucks per month.
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