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Google Translation:
Mathematik, veraltet, (n) oder (m): Dreieck

     1. n-f. mathematics
     1. v. past participle of veralten
     2. adj. antiquated
     3. adj. (linguistics) archaic; obsolete
     4. adj. corny
     5. adj. dated
     6. adj. deprecated
     7. adj. legacy
     8. adj. outdated, out-dated; out of date, out-of-date
     9. adj. outmoded
     10. adj. out of use
     11. adj. out-of-vogue
     12. adj. timeworn
          1. v. to become outdated
     1. art. (nonstandard)
     1. conj. or
           Danach alles gestr. oder noch 1–2 Wörter? - Is everything after that crossed out or are there one or two more words?
     3. part. (tag question) right?; is it?; is it not?
           Es ist kalt heute, oder?
             “It’s cold today, isn’t it?”
           Das war keine so gute Idee, oder?
             “That wasn’t such a good idea, was it?”
           Du kommst aus Deutschland, oder?
             “You come from Germany, don’t you?”
     1. n-n. triangle
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