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Ein Triangel hat genau drei Seiten und genau drei Winkel

     1. num. one
           Ich hatte nur ein Bier bestellt.
             I had ordered just one beer.
     4. art. a, an
           ein Mann - a man
           eine Frau - a woman
           ein Kind - a child
     1. n-m. (geometry, obsolete) triangle, trigon
     2. n-n. triangle (musical instrument)
     1. v. third-person singular present of haben
          1. v. to have; to possess, to own
          2. v. to have; to hold, to contain
          3. v. (auxiliary, with a past participle) to have forms the perfect and past perfect tense
          4. v. (reflexive, colloquial) to make a fuss
          5. v. (colloquial, with es) and m to be occupied with, to like
                Ich hab's nich so mit Hunden. - I'm not a great fan of dogs. (lit.: 'I don't have it that much with dogs.')
     1. adj. exact
     2. adv. just, exactly
     1. num. three
     1. n. plural of Seite pages/sides.
          1. n-f. (geometry, and in general) a side; a bounding straight edge of a two-dimensional shape
                Ein Dreieck hat drei Seiten. - A triangle has three sides.
          3. n-f. (geometry) a face, side, surface of any three-dimensional object
                Ein Würfel hat sechs identische Seiten. - A cube has six identical sides.
          5. n-f. a page; a single leaf of any manuscript or book
          6. n-f. a side; one of the two surfaces of a sheet of paper
                Du kannst auf beide Seiten des Blattes schreiben. - You can write on both sides of the paper.
          8. n-f. one side or half of something or someone
                Auf der rechten Seite findest du nützliche Info. Die andere Seite ist nutzlos. - On the right side you will find useful information. The other side is useless.
                Beide Seiten sind unleserlich. - Both sides are illegible.
                Die eine Seite des Gebäudes brannte. - One side of the building was aflame.
          12. n-f. (figuratively) an certain aspect of a concept
                Versuch es einmal von der schönen Seite zu betrachten. - Try to look at it from the bright side.
                Um ein Problem zu lösen muss man den Sachverhalt von allen Seiten betrachten. - To solve a problem, one has to take into acccount all the specific aspects of the issue.
          15. n-f. (figuratively) a side, faction or group of competitors in a war, game, conflict or any other competitive situation in opposite to their opponents
                Keine Seite kann diesen Krieg gewinnen. - No faction is able to win this war.
                Ich bin immer auf der Seite der Verlierer. - I am always on the side of the losers.
          18. n-f. the face of a coin or dice
          19. n-f. (computing) a site, a website on the internet
     1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
           Kaffee und Kuchen - coffee and cake
           Ich kam, sah und siegte. - I came, saw, and conquered.
     4. interj. so?, now?
           Und? Wie ist es gelaufen? - So? How did it go?
     1. adj. exact
     2. adv. just, exactly
     1. num. three
     1. n-m. (geometry) angle (measure, figure)
     2. n-m. corner, nook
     3. n-m. chevron
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