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Google Translation:
„Liebes Fräulein! Die ganze Universität H.

     1. n-n. (diminutive of Frau) (but not freely applicable)
     2. n-n. (dated, address for an unmarried woman) miss
           Guten Morgen, Fräulein Schmitz!
             Good morning, Miss Schmitz!
     5. n-n. miss, young woman (especially a shop assistant)
           Würden Sie mir kurz helfen, junges Fräulein!
             Would you help me please, miss!
     8. n-n. young lady, missy (said jokingly or rebukingly to a little girl)
           So, jetzt reicht's aber, Fräulein!
             All right, that's enough, young lady!
     1. adj. inflected form of ganz
          1. adj. entire, whole, complete
          2. adj. (colloquial) whole, intact
          3. adj. (in certain combinations) true, real
                ein ganzer Kerl — “a true man” (implying masculinity, but also uprightness)
          5. adj. (mathematics) integer (of a number)
          6. adv. quite, rather
          7. adv. very
          8. adv. wholly, entirely, all
     1. n-f. university
     1. Letter. The eighth letter of the German alphabet.
     2. n-n. (music) B
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