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Google Translation:
Une feuille demi-raisin

     1. num. feminine singular of un
     2. art. a / an (feminine indefinite article)
     3. n. front page (of a publication)
     1. n. leaf (of a plant or tree)
     2. n. sheet (of paper, etc)
     3. n. (informal) ear
     1. adj. half
     2. n. half (fraction)
     3. n. (used in time) half (half-hour)
           Il est cinq heures et demie. - It is half past five. — but:
           Elle sera là dans une demi-heure. - She will be here in half an hour. (where “demi” indicates a fraction and where there is no agreement in gender and number)
     6. n. a glass of beer of 250 ml volume
           Deux demis et un verre de vin rouge, s'il vous plaît. - Two small beers and a glass of red wine, please.
     1. n. grape
     2. n. a size of paper (having such a watermark)
     3. n. a bright red lipstick
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