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Use this page to analyse and learn French text. You can copy text into the box below, get a random sentence from our database or get the latest French news topic. Press the Analyse button to get translations of the text and words. Learn the words by adding them to the Learning Gadget.

Google Translation:
La Citroën Ami 6 était une 3 chevaux

     1. art. The (definite article).
     2. pron. (direct object) Her, it.
     3. n. la, the note 'A'.
     1. n. friend (one who is affectionately attached to another)
     2. n. male friend
     1. v. Third-person singular indicative imperfect of être
          1. v. to be
          2. v. (auxiliary) Used to form the perfect and pluperfect tense of certain verbs (including all reflexive verbs)
          3. v. (auxiliary) to be (Used to form the passive voice)
          4. n. being, creature
     1. num. feminine of un
     2. art. a / an (feminine indefinite article)
     3. n. front page (of a publication)
     1. n. plural of cheval
          1. n. horse
          2. n. horsepower
          3. n. (slang) horse, H (narcotic)
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