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Google Translation:
Il voulait voir cette femme qui faisait, argent comptant, commerce de sang humain

     1. pron. He, it.
     1. v. third-person singular imperfect indicative of vouloir
          1. n. will
          2. v. to want
     1. v. to see (visually)
     2. v. to see (to understand)
     3. v. to see (to visit, to go and see)
     1. pron. feminine of ce this this
     1. n. woman
     2. n. wife
     1. pron. (interrogative) who, whom
     2. pron. (relative) which, that
     1. v. third-person singular imperfect indicative of faire.
          1. vt. to do
          2. vt. to make
          3. vt. to say (of a person), to go (of an animal)
          4. vt. to make (cause someone or something to do something)
          5. v. (impersonal) To be (of the weather or various situations).
          6. vr. to do, to make (oneself)
          7. vr. to be (used for a passive action)
          8. vr. to ripen (of fruit), to mature (, etc.)
          9. vr. to become used to (see se faire une raison)
          10. v. (slang) to do (to have sex with)
          11. vr. to become, to get
     1. n. silver
     2. n. money
     3. n. argent (white in heraldry)
     1. adv. cash
     2. v. present participle of compter
          1. v. (ambitransitive) to count
          2. vt. to reckon, allow
          3. vt. to include
     1. n. commerce, trade
     2. n. store, shop, trader
          1. vi. to trade
     1. prep. of (expresses belonging)
     2. prep. 's (used to express property or association)
     3. prep. from (used to indicate origin)
     4. prep. of (indicates an amount)
     5. prep. used attributively, often translated into English as a compound word
     6. prep. from (used to indicate the start of a time or range)
     7. prep. used after certain verbs before an infinitive, often translating into English as a gerund or an infinitive
     8. prep. by
     9. art. (indefinite) some, any (in questions or negatives)
     10. art. (negative) a, an, any
     1. n. blood
     1. n. human
     2. adj. human
     3. adj. humane
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