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Google Translation:
Alors, tu ne peux pas monter à cheval?

     1. conj. then (at that time)
     2. conj. so, hence
     1. pron. You (singular), thou.
     2. v. past participle of taire
          1. vt. to quieten, to shut up, to silence
          2. vr. to shut up, to fall silent
     1. part. (literary) not (used alone to negate a verb, now chiefly with the verbs pouvoir, savoir, cesser and oser)
     2. part. not, no (used before a verb, with a subsequent element following, see Usage Notes, below)
     3. part. Used in a subordinate clause before a subjunctive verb (especially when the main verb expresses doubt or fear), to provide extra overtones of doubt or uncertainty (but not negating its verb), the so-c
     4. part. (in grammatically negative comparative clauses that express superlatives) not (usually translated with the positive sense of the subsequent negative)
     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of pouvoir
     2. v. second-person singular present indicative of pouvoir
          1. v. can, to be able to
          2. v. may
          3. n. (or un) Power, a power.
          4. n. Authority
          5. n. (legal) power of attorney
     1. n. step, pace, footstep
     2. n. (geography) strait (e.g., Pas de Calais, "Strait of Dover")
     3. adv. (ne ... pas) not
     4. adv. (colloquial) not
     1. v. to go up, to climb (go to a higher position)
     2. v. to ascend, go higher, go uphill, go upstairs
     3. v. to get on, get in (a vehicle)
     4. v. to rise (get to a higher figurative position (socially, or in a league/division etc.))
     5. v. to stage, put on (a show)
     6. v. to ride (a horse)
     7. v. to mount (a horse)
     8. v. to bring up, take up, put up, get up (lift or carry something to a higher position)
     9. v. To turn up, put up (increase the volume etc.)
     10. v. to raise (increase the level, price etc.)
     11. v. to put up (a tent)
     12. v. to string (an instrument)
     1. prep. to (destination)
     2. prep. to (until)
     3. prep. on the, to (some directions)
     4. prep. at (said of a particular time)
     5. prep. at, in, on (said of a particular place)
     6. prep. of (belonging to)
     7. prep. till, until (used in farewells)
     8. prep. (cuisine) cooked in or with
     9. prep. Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for
     10. prep. (before an infinitive) to (used to express something not completed)
     11. prep. Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective
     12. prep. by
     13. prep. or, to (used to express an approximate number)
     14. prep. from, (used to name the provenance or owner of something).
     1. n. horse
     2. n. horsepower
     3. n. (slang) horse, H (narcotic)
à cheval
     1. adv. by horse, on horseback
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