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Google Translation:
(Vêtements) Toque, bonnet

     1. n. toque, brimless hat
     2. n. a pillowbox hat
     3. n. (specifically) a type of round brimless hat traditionally worn by certain professions in France, such as university professors or judges.
     4. n. toque, a chef's hat.
     5. n. (by extension, informal) A chef.
     6. n. toque, a variety of bonnet monkey; toque macaque, .
          1. v. to bother, to dog
          2. v. to hit, to tap, to bang, to knock
     1. n. beanie
     2. n. hat, cap
     3. n. bonnet (for baby)
     4. n. a knitted hat, usually woollen
     5. n. cup (of bra)
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